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Seeking Truth

If I told you what I believed to be Truth, would you believe me?

It depends. 

Do your religious beliefs align with mine? How about your political views? Economic philosophy? 

I find it ironic that as the internet has proliferated and penetrated society, instead of a 'marketplace of ideas' fostering healthy debate and pushing us towards a greater knowledge of what is likely true, we attack the merit of people instead of the merit of their ideas. 

Likewise, unfortunately, people tend to identify themselves based on their beliefs and take personal offense at anyone who disagrees. 

There are tribes for every debate. And each side hurls stones at the other side's people instead of their ideas. A few examples come to mind:

Democrat vs. Republican. 

Keynesian vs. Austrian. 

Fiat Currency vs. Hard Currency.

Value investing vs. Growth Investing.

God vs. No God.