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#125 - Interview with Mohnish Pabrai


"The two skills of modern business: storytelling and spreadsheets. Know the numbers, craft the narrative." - James Clear


Episode #11 - Mohnish Pabrai, CEO of Pabrai Funds, Founder of Dakshana Foundation

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mohnish Pabrai recently for episode #11 of the Circle of Competence podcast. In our conversation, we hit everything from Mohnish's investment framework to his work in the social investing space:

- reflections on a person's internal 'mapping' and what makes each one of us 'tick'

- 'entrepreneurship as arbitrage'

- Mohnish's early days of entrepreneurship with TransTech and his best investment ever

- Mohnish's investment framework

- Mohnish's lessons learned in 2020

- Mohnish's book list

- Mohnish's amazing work with the Dakshana Foundation, which seeks to invest in the education of promising youth in India and 'break the shackles of poverty permanently.'

I'd highly recommend checking out his personal website, Chai with Pabrai, for all of his book recommendations, past interviews, and books he's authored. Mohnish is a wealth of information when it comes to investing and business history. Our conversation illustrated his ability to adapt over time, digest huge amounts of information, and make clear decisions based on the available data. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!



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