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Update to Circle of Competence Framework and Exponential Processes

Update to Circle of Competence Framework & Exponential Processes

“Bubbles form whenever a new story is not only told, but can also be sold” - Brent Goldfarb

July Letter Update – Revisions to Circle of Competence Framework

In my first Letter to Learners in July, I proposed a simple framework for thinking about how your Circle of Competence develops in a particular area. But after feedback from a couple readers (thanks Clayton Dorge and Sean Iddings), I wanted to update this from a step-by-step process to more of a ‘curiosity flywheel.’ Here are Clayton’s thoughts:

“I see this framework as a learning or Curiosity Flywheel (Curiosity, Knowledge, Conviction, Action). Once you take a properly convicted action, I believe a new curiosity is born. When you have skin in the project or posted it publicly, you know are learning about the topic from new angles and have new questions you wouldn't have known to ask when you begin.  This new level of curiosity is a higher/better level too. Because you're 'in it' the Dunning-Kruger effect is minimized. Over time this curiosity flywheel can become highly efficient and you improve as a learner! An important thing to keep in mind once you take a convicted action, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You now have more investment into an idea/project and thus it's more important and challenging to keep yourself objective and see the pitfalls with your idea/project.”

In addition to the above feedback, Sean Iddings added that it is important to know what knowledge is most important and how to apply it. In a nutshell, this involves developing discernment in your field of expertise, knowing how to apply the knowledge and course correcting when necessary. This in turn is a part of the conviction, action, then further curiosity flywheel effect. This helps you create your own competitive advantage of continuously increasing competence, which leads to both hyper adaptability and deep interdisciplinary knowledge.

Instead of perceiving this process as an end-goal oriented one, it is better to view it as a