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Circle of Competence Issue #123


"Three things can not hide for long: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth." - Buddha


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Episode #10 - Michael Girdley, Chairman of Dura Software

My latest podcast interview is a conversation with Michael Girdley, Chairman of Dura Software, where we discuss:

- Search funds (and Michael's advice to business school grads)

- Dura's holding company model

- What conditions are required for a GREAT startup investment

- venture-backed software companies vs. stable software companies

- Michael's playbook for running small software businesses

- Michael's thoughts on how covid-19 is changing M&A and business in general

Show links:

- Michael Girdley's personal website

- Michael Girdley's Small Business Playbook

- Michael Girdley's Twitter account

**If you have a niche software business that you are looking to sell, feel free to reach out to Michael - he's under contract for 3 businesses currently and ready to do more deals.

I also recently recorded episodes with Brent Beshore and Mohnish Pabrai and am looking forward to releasing these conversations in the coming weeks. If you have guests that you think I should reach out to, feel free to drop me a note or connect me!



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Politics, Economics, History

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