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#128 - Politics, Real Estate Troubles, and More


“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” - Lao Tzu


This weekend, my wife and I celebrate our 5th anniversary and are taking time away in the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina for some much needed spiritual and personal time alone.

This week was long. Our kid didn't sleep, and neither did our nation.

I'd love to hear from those both domestic and foreign - what are your thoughts on the United States' current political situation?

Are we truly as divided as the media would like us to think or are we simply spending too much time in social media land where lone radical voices are loudest, but the vast majority are silent?



Doing scuttlebutt on company culture (Roi Lipovetsky)

Horizon Kinetics 3Q20 commentary (Horizon Kinetics)

Ken Griffin's 'macro dream' propels net worth to $20 billion (Bloomberg)


Marc Andreessen on productivity, scheduling, reading habits, and work (a16z)

Analytics: a complete mini course (Cassie Kozyrkov)

Alibaba's secret three year experiment to reinvent the factory (Bloomberg)

Real Estate

How underwrite an industrial deal and create an investment memo (Chris Powers)

The falling price of NYC retail real estate by the numbers (Marker Media)

Struggling rental market could usher in next housing crisis (Wall Street Journal)

The mechanics of a real estate tax shelter (Drew Pearson)

Geopolitics & Economics

How nations flourish - the conservative path to prosperity (Dan Crenshaw)

For Wyoming's untaxed generation, the free ride may be over (Wyofile)

US States face biggest cash crisis since the Great Depression (Wall Street Journal)

Can too many brainy people in a society be a bad thing? (Economist)

How 'big is bad' has become a big deal - exploring modern anti-trust (Bloomberg)

China's inexorable rise to power is a mere repetition of history (Bloomberg)

A better crystal ball - the right way to think about policy and the future (Foreign Affairs)

Covid-19, climate change, and the need for a new Marshall Plan (Jeremy Grantham, GMO)

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