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Circle of Competence Issue #118


"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." - Leo Tolstoy


Circle of Competence Ep. #08 (iTunes, Spotify)

This week, I had a fun conversation with Monick Halm, the founder of Vineyard Investment Partners (Multifamily and Industrial Syndication Platform) and the Real Estate Investor Goddesses network (a women-focused educational platform dedicated to teaching women about the power of owning real estate). We covered her "3 C-s" required before working with someone, how she builds teams, how she scaled from 0-1000 units in less than a year (!), how she picks markets to invest in, and her vision to help 1 million women achieve financial freedom through education and ownership.

Vineyard Investment Partners Website

Real Estate Goddesses Events

Monick's Podcast

If you are a woman looking to learn more about real estate and want to connect with other women interested in investing, I'd highly recommend checking out Monick's podcast and women's network above!

The Latticework

Blas Moros just launched what I consider to be one of the coolest projects I've ever seen - enter The Latticework. He's mapping all of the most important mental models in the major b