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Circle of Competence Issue #117


"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd." - Voltaire


Circle of Competence Podcast Ep. #07 - David Gardner, Chairman, The Motley Fool

Note to self before podcasting: don't forget to check your mic's batteries! Half of my audio for this episode was crystal clear (thanks to my great Heil mic), and the latter half was a bit less so due to my recorder's batteries dying! But nonetheless, this was a fun conversation with a true long-term investor who only invests in the companies he believes will deliver a better future.

David Gardner is the founder of the Motley Fool, a financial advisor and media conglomerate focused on helping the world become happier, smarter, and richer through investing. In this wide-ranging conversation, we discuss the founding of The Motley Fool, his 6-part "Rulebreakers" investment framework, why valuation may not be the most important metric to pay attention to, conscious capitalism, and more.

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To understand the present pandemic, look at the 1907 market panic (Jamie Catherwood)

Tom Murphy interview (Link h/t Joe Koster)

Yale School of Management Search Fund Case Studies and Essays (A.J. Wasserstein)

Graeme Hart: the undercover billionaire (NZ Herald, h/t Brandon Laughridge)

Real Estate

NYC is dead forever - here's why (James Altucher)

Amazon and Simon Property Group look to turning department stores into fulfillment centers (Wall Street Journal)


Leveraging machine learning to fuel new discoveries with the arXiv dataset (

Michigan is developing a 40-Mile+ driverless car corridor (Bloomberg)

OneTrust, the #1 fastest growing company in America (

Building a digital New York Times: CEO Mark Thompson (McKinsey)

The new future of work (Sam Harris)

The inside story of Robinhood’s billionaire founders, option kid cowboys and the wall street sharks that feed on them (Forbes)

Economics and Politics

Who picks up the tab for the free lunch? (Frank Martin)

Modeling a wealth tax (Paul Graham)

A history of alternative currencies (Garrick Hileman, h/t Jamie Catherwood)

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