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Circle of Competence Issue #116


"What do you want to be doing in 30 years? And is that reflected in how you spend your time?" - Nat Eliason


The Circle of Competence Podcast - Episode #06

This week, I spoke with Blair Silverberg, the CEO of Capital Technologies which is a software-based lending platform focusing on the venture debt space. In prior years, he worked at the illustrious venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and also invested personally in the private credit space. In his current role as CEO of Capital, he leads a team whose mission is to create a modern alternative to equity financing to put power back into the hands of the entrepreneur. Founded in 2019, Capital helps company founders understand their cost of capital and secure financing offers from $5-50 million. We discuss the burgeoning venture debt space, venture capital industry as a whole, capital allocation for entrepreneurs, and his vision for a fully-automated, artificial intelligence driven lending platform at Capital.

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30 year thinking (Nat Eliason)

I've been re-reading Greg McKeown's Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less and it pairs exceptionally well with Nat Eliason's essay above on long-term thinking. McKeown's book focuses on helping people of all backgrounds figure out the most important things in their lives (personal and professional) and prioritize them relentlessly. Nat Eliason's piece is a nice supplement to McKeown's work because it asks the simple, but tough question: