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Circle of Competence #100


“The assumption that whatever has gone out of date is on that account discredited. You must find why it went out of date. Was it ever refuted (and if so by whom, where, and how conclusively) or did it merely die away as fashions do? If the latter, this tells us nothing about its truth or falsehood. From seeing this, one passes to the realization that our own age is also ‘a period,’ and certainly has, like all periods, its own characteristic illusions.” – C.S. Lewis



I encourage everyone to read Peter Thiel's piece below ('Back to the Future') and wrestle with whether you believe it to be true or not.

I believe the idea that a society rich with technological success breeds comfort, comfort breeds complacency, and complacency is antithetical to progress.

The question that I'm left with after reading his op-ed is thisn- where is the real progress being made today? A few answers come to mind:

- Autonomous transportation (ground and air)

- Space exploration and travel for all

- Renewable energy (solar, wind, potentially fusion)

- Deep learning embedded into all electronics

- Robotics

- Genetic sequencing and engineering

I'd like to hear from you on areas that you believe are experiencing true breakthroughs or are ripe for more research.