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Circle of Competence Issue #88


"It might be at least as useful to ask yourself: if you could take a year off to work on something that probably wouldn't be important but would be really interesting, what would it be?" - Paul Graham, The Bus Ticket Theory of Genius


This week, I finished a long piece I've been working on for a while which represents my comprehensive thoughts (in collaboration with Neil O'Donnell) on how the perfect storm of macroeconomic conditions, human psychology, and real estate trends combined into what is now known as WeWork: WeWork - a case study on the Lollapalooza effect. We would welcome your feedback!

Also, I've officially published the Business Vault on the site and it will be open for anyone who wishes to access it for now. I am still seeking more volunteers who wish to be involved and have received several emails from folks who are interested in helping aggregate content. It will be a fun, long-term project for the benefit of all.

Have a great week!



Inside the fall of WeWork (Vanity Fair)

The bus ticket theory of genius (Paul Graham)

Startups and uncertainty (Jerry Neumann)

Healthcare without government (Russ Roberts)

6 reasons higher education needs to be disrupted (Harvard Business Review, h/t Beth Flye)


As lithium prices fall, private equity investors look for deals (Reuters)

No more gurus (Morgan Housel)

CNBC's full interview with John Malone on the media landscape (CNBC)

Kyle Bass on China - the most reckless financial experiment in history (Hedgeye)

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