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Circle Of Competence Issue #9

Department of General Finance

Discussion at Markel

Wonderful presentation by John Huber at Markel Insurance on the incredible economics of Tencent Holdings. He runs the investment site, as well as serving as portfolio manager of Saber Capital Management. I have read every single one of his posts since he began writing and believe they are worth the read! See his in depth Markel Investment Presenation (as well as a fantastic primer on insurance companies) here: Markel Presentation.

Buffett's Edge

A list of Warren Buffett’s edges... or what I may call lessons from his playbook.

Dr. Henry Singleton & Teledyne

A brief but solid history of Singleton and his skills as a businessman and investor.

Department of Economics

Yield Curves Flattening in High Income Countries

Interesting graphics on how yield curves are flattening globally.

Weekly Initial Claims Data

Interesting article showing how weekly initial unemployment claims are at their lowest levels since 1969. That is not a typo.