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Circle Of Competence Issue #8

Department of Special Situations

Elliot Advisors Urge Spinoff of Costa Coffee

Could be the start of an interesting spinoff situation to come later.

Pentair Spinoff of nVent feature on the above deal. Good site for keeping track of company distributions and spinoff situations.

Tropicana Entertainment Merger

Short but excellent article on basics of Carl Icahn's latest deal - selling Tropicana Entertainment - with Gaming and Leisure Properties (GLPI). In general I have found Clark Street Value blog to be a wonderful resource and starting point on special situations opportunities.

Department of Startups

Softbank's Billions Spur Startup Funding Race

How Softbank is driving private valuations higher and forcing the hand of more VCs to raise bigger funds and write bigger checks... bubbly vibes abound in VC-land (just my opinion). Just as when Amazon and Google came out of the internet bust of 2000-2002, there will be those who survive this cycle of over-funding as well.

How John Doerr Keeps Companies On The Right Track

OKRs - Objectives and Key Results - are what one of the greatest VC's of all time uses to drive startup companies forward.

The Boring Company Raises $113M in Equity