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Circle Of Competence Issue #7

Department of General Finance

On The Relationship between Crude Oil & Energy Stocks

Neat work on the correlation between oil prices and energy companies.

Coming Signs of a Yield Inversion

As the saying goes, the bond markets lead the equity markets, I am sure fixed income investors are watching this like hawks.

Hedge Funds - Higher Activity Does Not Lead to Higher Returns

See the study linked in the article for a deeper dive into hedge fund alpha and it’s relationship to a fund’s trading activity.

Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon, J.P. Morgan Venture Targets Health Issues

We’ve heard about this new entity, but still not much substance. I’ll be watching this closely.

Department of Blogs

The Most Important Plot in Finance

First article I’ve read by this blog, but a solid short read on why backtested strategies in quantitative investing can be tortured to give you good returns (classic over-fitting for you machine learning folks)