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#171 - Civil War?

I didn't have much time to write this week, but I did have quite a bit of time to read. The first article below, Ray Dalio's recent piece on the rising risk of civil war in the US, grabbed my attention this past week given my recent reading of The Fourth Turning (see my post here).

Instead of writing, I want to listen:

What problems are you most concerned about in the United States today? Do you believe we are on the edge of civil war or merely experiencing a period of heightened political tensions? Better yet, what topics do you keep returning to when the conversation turns to politics?


The rising risk of civil war (Ray Dalio)

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2021 US Middle Market PE Survey (Cherry Bekaert)

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Why Wall Street thinks the metaverse will be worth trillions (Fortune)

Jeff Bezos plans on building a mixed-use space station called Orbital Reef (Vice)

Hydro storage provides cheap storage for solar and wind power (Fast Company)

Don't forget Microsoft (Luttig's Learnings)

A rediscovered masterpiece by Ben Graham (Jason Zweig)

Who owns your physical address in Augmented Reality? (Protocol)

Stella van Beers grain silo to micro home (Dezeen)

Forty quintillion black holes exist in our solar system (Live Science)

What if quantum computing is a bust? (Slate)

Why are skyscrapers so short? (Works in Progress)

Researchers are working on AI that builds other AI (Quanta)

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