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#155 - Behind the Scenes with Benton Moss


Behind the scenes: Benton’s first week as Owner of a small business

This week, Victor and Benton discussed Benton’s recent acquisition of a real estate services company (property management, leasing, maintenance). They dig into what his first week was like, what’s on his immediate to-do list, and how he’s feeling as a new owner.

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Lately we’ve been thinking a lot about Thomas Kim’s leadership framework which he discussed in our recent podcast. We love this framework because it reminds us that leadership starts with the self and ends with serving others. Also, like all great mental models, this one is simple, but not easy. And finally, it reminds us of a famous quote we love by the Roman slave Publius Cyrus: “Would you have a great empire. Rule over yourself.”

Thomas Kim’s Leadership Framework

  1. Know yourself

  2. Love yourself

  3. Lead yourself

  4. Serve others


  • Dee Hock’s essays - deep reading on human systems

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