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#153 - Interview with Chris Powers, Founder and Executive Chairman of Fort Capital


How to delegate intentionally while running 3 companies with Chris Powers of Fort Capital, Fort Ventures, and the Fort Podcast

Topics Covered:

  • How Chris grew Fort Capital from his first real estate purchase in college

  • Delegation as a prerequisite to growth

  • Fort Capital’s unique bonus structure

  • Fort Capital’s industrial real estate thesis & flywheel

  • The massive opportunity in the prop-tech space

  • How Chris sources both real estate and early stage tech deals

Listen: iTunes, Spotify


  • Famed Investor Bill Miller Is Roaring Back With Amazon, Bitcoin, and GM (Barron’s)

  • More Americans are leaving the city, but don’t call it an urban exodus (Bloomberg)

  • The two most underappreciated forces driving markets (A wealth of common sense)

  • How trader Jeff Yass parlayed poker and horse race handicapping into a $12 billion fortune (Forbes)

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