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#152 - Interview with Thomas Kim, CEO and Founder of Everclean Car Wash


Handling personal tragedy as an entrepreneur with Thomas Kim, founder of the Everclean Car Wash brand

Topics Covered:

  • Switching from early stage tech companies to ‘boring businesses’

  • Everclean’s subscription-based business model

  • How Everclean trains employees

  • Thomas’ leadership principles

  • Thomas’ advice for dealing with personal tragedy as an entrepreneur

Listen: iTunes, Spotify


  • A look at Próspera, the charter city taking shape in Honduras (Astral Codex Ten)

  • How people get rich now - by starting companies (Paul Graham)

  • A few short stories about how incentives drive everything (Morgan Housel)

  • A visual look at where people are and are not moving (New York Times)

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