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#150 - Interview with John Wilson, CEO of The Wilson Companies


Buying, building, and operating businesses in the trades with John Wilson, CEO of The Wilson Companies

Topics Covered:

  • The first 90 days post-close in a service business

  • How to structure compensation and incentives in the trades

  • How John sources deals through CapTarget

  • Why John insists on using ServiceTitan in the trades

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The only difference between chump and champ is u.

- old Southern saying

If you're anything like me, then Masters week is one of your favorite times of year, and you're using all those extra monitors to stream live coverage of the tournament throughout the day.

Whenever I watch the Masters, I can't help but think about what I'd do if I were in some of the positions these guys find themselves in. On 11, the downhill par 4 with water left of the green, I'd hit a buttery fade that hugs the right side of the fairway, never getting too close to the patch of trees that would block my second shot. The pin is back left, so I'd take dead aim, hit a high 8-iron, and land the ball a few feet past the hole before the spin catches and the ball rips back towards it. Easy birdie, thank you very much. On 13, from the elevated area right of the fairway, I'd hit a low draw that threads the needle between two pines, stays below the canopy, and clears Rae's Creek. There'd be some speed on that ball, so I'd land it on the lower half of the green to let it roll up the hill before coming to rest a few feet from the hole.

These daydreams are fun, but they're obviously totally delusional. I might be able to make some of these shots on my home course, ten percent of the time, but there's no chance that I could make them amidst the beauty of Augusta National nor under the pressure of a Major. If I actually found myself in some of these positions, the best thing that I could do would be to recognize that I'm an