April 18, 2018

Yield Inversion, LEAPS, Culture, Space, BTC, Fairfax Holdings, Berkshire Hathaway

April 8, 2018

History of the Fed, 3-D Printed Houses, CBCC's, Spinoffs, and Fairfax Letters to Shareholders

April 1, 2018

General Finance, Self storage industry, Blogs, Technology, and 10-k's

March 20, 2018

Fund Letters and Uber's cash burn

March 3, 2018

S&P 500 Turnover - Innosight Study

February 24, 2018

Thoughts on the study: "The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-2015"

February 13, 2018

Thoughts on Howard Marks' 'Latest Thinking.'

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