Circle of Competence Issue #118

Interview with Monick Halm (Real Estate Private Equity), the Latticework, Sam Zell launches a SPAC, the future of the dollar, San Francisco&

Circle of Competence Issue #117

Interview with David Gardner of The Motley Fool, search fund research, the story of Graeme Hart, is NYC dead?, Paul Graham on wealth taxes,

Circle of Competence Issue #116

Interview with Blair Silverberg of, long-term thinking, Sam Altman on Success, Gerald Hines interview, COVID-19 crisis investing s

Market Thoughts - Q2 2020

Earlier this year, I began the practice of sharing thoughts with my family every quarter or two on how I'm thinking about things on a market and macro perspective. I wanted to share my latest thread this month. All thoughts are my own and I welcome any feedback, disagreements, or additional insights. --- Hey everyone, I wanted to follow up on this thread with a few data points to help you think about where we currently stand in the economic cycle. When I wrote in late February, it was impossible to anticipate the events that would unfold over the next few months, but as it turned out, the coronavirus was merely the straw that broke the camel's back. The coronavirus exploded the small cracks

Circle of Competence Issue #115

Thoughts on the current economic cycle, Ray Dalio's macro economic global changes series, Baupost 2Q Letter, Howard Marks memo, Naval on


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