The Modesty of a Mind

"For he was not one of those talkative people--from whom I had endured so much--who undertook to teach me what I wanted to know, and then said nothing... For this I liked him all the more. For the modesty of an ingenious mind is a finer thing than the acquisition of that knowledge I desired;" - St. Augustine, Confessions Warren Buffett has a knack for his ability to admit 'I don't know' - his intellectual humility is, to me, one of his best qualities. As one of the most successful investors ever, you'd think many people would copy his approach and admit when something belongs in 'the too-hard pile', but in everyday experience, we tend to see the opposite occur. People have a penchant for mak

Circle of Competence Issue #107

Signal vs. Noise, Jeff Bezos' 2019 annual letter, Howard Marks' memo, med device industry breakdown, COVID-19 effects on higher educ

Circle of Competence Issue #106

Will Durant on Christ's historic impact, Fundsmith's annual meeting, lecture on ergodicity, UBS' real estate outlook in 2020, Ho

Circle of Competence Issue #105

SoftBanks makes moves, Lilium takes flight, Luckin Coffee and lies, Howard Marks memo, the great unwinding of startups, Ray Dalio on the wor


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