Ridicule Before Reverence

"But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house." - The Gospel of Mark, 6:4. Have you ever come across an idea for the first time ever, and almost instantly recognized it's validity? I heard the phrase "ridicule before reverence" for the first time this week during a podcast episode, and immediately saw how it applied in many different ways, in many different eras. Peter Thiel popularized the thoughtful question, "what important truth do very few people agree with you on?" At first glance, this may seem easy to answer. But as you dig in, you'll see that group-think rules most debates and some of the biggest questi

Circle of Competence Issue #96

Ridicule before Reverence, CEO's speak at Davos, KKR's Henry McVey on 2020, Jeff Gundlach on macro and the markets, Sundar Pichai in

Life's Critical Path

I had, I believe, one of those rare insights into how the world works on a deeper level one morning this week during my early commute to work. It was pouring rain and at 7:20 AM, the main highway (I-40) was a parking lot. As it turned out, there was a wreck 3 miles from my house that closed 3 of the 4 lanes that morning. So, I guess queuing theory has real world implications? (See: an introduction to queuing theory - the mathematics behind waiting in line (Thoughtco)) But the most amazing thing happened as I put my office's address into the GPS - the route that it was proposing took me a solid 10 miles out of the way, but only added 10 minutes to my typical 30 minute drive. The other option

Circle of Competence Issue #95

Life's critical path, Y Combinator on startup investing, Howard Marks' latest memo, Mike Marcus on speculation, Monopolies, and more

Circle of Competence Issue #94

Real estate in the Raleigh-Durham area, SoftBank is imploding, 40% of public companies lose money, US shale production, geopolitical article

Circle of Competence Issue #93

The 'Big Market' delusion, private equity has $1.5T in dry powder, China's debt defaults pick up, Ulta's stock surge, David


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