Circle of Competence Issue #92

2019 lessons learned + 2020 predictions, Jeff Gundlach on the US economy, spotting tech bubbles, growth investing, Amazon's free cash fl

Circle of Competence Issue #91

George Soros on financial markets and reflexivity, Stanley Druckenmiller on monetary policy and politics,' 2019 letter, onli

Circle of Competence Issue #90

Boomers + millennials moving to cities, Thoma Bravo profile, history of interest rates, recession indicators, open letter to Jack Dorsey, an

Circle of Competence Issue #89

The future of American malls, oil drilling, investing in African public markets, investing in China, venture capital Q3 2019, solar developm

WeWork - A Case Study in the Lollapalooza Effect

Neil O’Donnell and I have discussed the rise and fall of WeWork constantly over the past few months, and this article is our attempt to synthesize the disparate causes of WeWork’s recent woes within the context of current macroeconomic policy, human psychology, and the real estate industry. We welcome all feedback. The Context Interest Rates and Macroeconomic Policy It is a wondrous phenomenon that negative interest rates can be found in our modern day global capitalist economy where, for the better part of human history, most people have assumed a positive relationship between the value of time and money. The foundational idea of saving money today and receiving more tomorrow has been chall

Circle of Competence Issue #88

WeWork Lollapalooza, Business Vault, John Malone on the cable industry, Kyle Bass on China, 6 reasons higher education needs to be disrupted


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