Circle of Competence Issue #79

Uber and WeWork and lessons learned, direct listings vs. IPOs, Henry Singleton profile, Morgan Housel on WeWork, real estate speculation in

Circle of Competence Issue #78

Tech IPO valuations, business models, MoviePass shuts down, discussion of moats, Amazon is maturing, Steve Schwarzman on politics and busine

Circle of Competence Issue #77

WeWork's IPO, GameStop and retail oblivion, flying cars begin to take off, Apple's service strategy, real estate syndication strateg

Circle of Competence Issue #76

Big tech antitrust debate, what constitutes a tech company, lessons learned as an investor and operator, ageing: deflationary or inflationar

Circle of Competence Issue #75

Exponential growth, Elon Musk's SolarCity situation, real estate trends, Silvio Gessell and negative interest rates, Eric Ries and corpo


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