Circle of Competence Issue #74

Space exploration, private equity regulation, what comes after capitalism, shale boom, ailing bank stocks, Chinese currency devaluation, and

Circle of Competence Issue #73

Book recommendations, network effects, Peter Thiel's religion, Charles Koch, modeling competitive advantages as flywheels, Zack Kanter o

"Alexander Hamilton" by Ron Chernow - Notes

1. Hamilton was the consummate political theorist-practitioner. He was a master at writing his ideas down for political institutions in lucid fashion, and then pushing the ball up the court to actually get things done. This book was a masterfully-written documentary of one of the preeminent men of our nation's history, who deserves credit for a good many facets of modern government. The times required men like Washington, Madison, and Hamilton to not only envision the institutions that we take for granted, but to push forward through the power vacuum that was present in the post-revolutionary confederation of states. Hamilton was not only a master theorist but also a master practitioner of R


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