Circle of Competence Issue #68

Investing vs. speculation, Marvel's franchise machine, importance of pattern recognition in VC, AI powered landlords, Facebook's Lib

Circle of Competence Issue #67

Antitrust regulations and consumer welfare, thoughts on crypto as a commodity, Chuck Akre's three legged stool philosophy, David Abrams

Circle of Competence Issue #66

Howard Marks on current economic cycle, Ben Thompson on tech antitrust cases, Naval Ravikant on building wealth, Mary Meeker's internet

Circle of Competence Issue #65

Life in the Permian Basin, why platform companies fail, biggest lessons in history, Li Lu on US Sino relations, Joe Rogan interviews Naval R

Circle of Competence Issue #64

US-Sino relations and the tech cold war, the e-sports bubble, the legal argument that spells trouble for Uber, Impossible Foods' profile


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