Circle of Competence Issue #59

John Hempton on Mattel's blunder, Warren Buffett on trade policy, exporting China's surveillance state, Facebook's role in Brexi

Circle of Competence Issue #58

Commercial real estate book reviews, Eugene Wei on social media business models, Disney's business model, Amazon shareholder letter, pod

Problems in Higher Education (Part II)

Last week I wrote some thoughts about the higher education industry, and this week I wanted to write a follow up based on an article in the Huffington Post on how higher education continues to inflate tuition costs (H/T Beth F.). There are two main points that I would like to point out which I think are important lessons to be drawn from the HuffPost article as well as from the current state of higher education in general. First, I want to think about the industry from first principles, from the principles of supply and demand. There seems to be an inherent supply and demand mismatch in the higher education industry - very high and growing demand for an accredited degree that certifies your

Circle of Competence Issue #57

Lack of viable alternatives in higher education, synthetic biology primer, Ray Dalio on fixing capitalism, Austrian vs. Keynesian economics,

Circle of Competence Issue #56

Internet and innovation in higher education, Howard Marks' latest memo, Absolute Return Partners on life expectancy, becoming a model th

Problems in Higher Education (Part I)

I've been thinking about higher education for a while and wondering why in the 21st century, with all of our technological achievements and networked computational power, we still haven't fully disrupted the teaching methods and models that have been used for centuries. I will admit that there are companies out there attempting to do just this, such as Udacity, African Leadership University, Coursera, Khan Academy, and Lambda School to name a few. However, while all of these schools make heavy use of online lectures, they have not fully supplanted the university experience. No longer is the university the bastion of knowledge that it once was on the 19th century - anything you wish to learn


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