Circle of Competence Issue #55

Illumina's gene sequencing dominance, yield curve inversion, Lyft from a value investor's perspective, the 4 sources of alpha, Amazo

Illumina: DNA Sequencing Dominance

I try to read through one 10-K a day as a habit that keeps the boundaries of my circle of competence expanding constantly. Sometimes I come across a company that I like for one reason or another and going forward, I will try to post interesting ideas from time to time. If you are interested in my latest ideas, check out issue 51 on Appfolio and Planet Fitness as well as one of my favorites, issue 33 on (Brookfield Asset Management's CEO) Bruce Flatt's talk at Google. This week, I wanted to share a few notes on Illumina ($ILMN), but first a shout out to Nusair Bawla for the tip as well as David Gardner for connecting us through the Motley Fool podcast! At a high level, Illumina sells genetic 

Circle of Competence Issue #54

Focus and solitude, Schopenhauer on clickbait, David Perrell on internet and information transformations, Cal Newport on digital minimalism,

Focus and Solitude

One of the unfortunate realities of modern day life is that we live in a world with informational, sensory, and opinion overload. The overwhelming amount of stimulation can lead to a severe lack of focus  and thoughtful solitude - I can certainly speak from experience. But the fact of the matter is that focus and thoughtful solitude in all areas of life leads to much higher returns on time invested than time spread too thin over too many activities. The over-dated bachelor feels emptier than a fulfilled one-woman-man just as an impatient trader will forfeit the long-term gains that accrue to the most patient shareholder. The best investors, athletes, and leaders achieve peak performance thro

Circle of Competence Issue #53

Behavioral Self-Reflections, Ben Thompson on Big Tech antitrust, Howard Marks on luck and risk, autonomous vehicles, Fed Chair interview, an

Circle of Competence Issue #52

Top content from the past year of Circle of Competence, business model market fit, unprofitable IPOs, HIV cure, Charlie Munger annual meetin

Circle of Competence Issue #51

Annual report notes, Buffett's letter, China's liquidity problems, Japan's justice system, auto loan delinquency, Joel Greenblat


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