China: Social Engineering

This week, I wanted to put together a small taste of what is happening in the world's second largest economy - China. If an industry leading CEO is cognizant of what his industry peers are doing, then it makes sense to take note of what is happening in one of the fastest growing (and second largest) economic states in the world. China is on the fast track to becoming the world's largest economy and a world power on the same order of magnitude as the United States. What is at stake here? Given the recent flexing of US economic muscle against China in the trade war based on intellectual property law abuses and trade imbalances, I see highlighted the clash of two drastically different set of go

Circle of Competence Issue #46

Trends in China, Masa Son's vision, Seth Klarman's dire warning, 5G technology, Josh Wolfe discusses inventing the future, podcasts,

Circle of Competence Issue #45

Book reviews, China's soul engineering, John Hempton speaks on US competitive landscape, Q&A and annual letter, Sears is


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