Circle of Competence Issue #39

Thanksgiving history, Warren Buffett's advice for entrepreneurs, how investors must evolve, trailer park stocks, podcasts, Elon Musk tun

Circle of Competence Issue #38

Thoughts on current market cycle, Stan Druckenmiller interview, Icahn's proxy fight ends, fund letters, climate change & industry, o

Circle of Competence Issue #37

(Motley) Foolish wisdom, Grantham on climate change, Tom Gayner on investing, Icahn's $DVMT litigation, Ray Dalio on debt crises, podcas

The Life and Career of Walt Disney

This past weekend I visited Disney World in Orlando, FL with my in-laws. As a curious investor looking from the outside in at this marvelous creation, I wanted to write some thoughts about Disney's creative genius and the development of his massive media empire. It was hard not to notice the signs at Disney World of Walt Disney's creative restlessness. He was always wishing to be doing more, driving the future forward, and re-imagining what was possible. It's also hard to miss Walt's love for America and her ideals of liberty and freedom in the Hall of Presidents, the Carousel of Progress, and the Liberty Show. How did one man accomplish all of this? Walt was very creative and entrepreneuri

Circle of Competence Issue #36

The life of Walt Disney, VC feeding frenzy, real estate private equity, consumer surplus mental model, Tesla's positive cash flow, podca


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