Circle of Competence Issue #31

Noah Yuval Harari's "Homo Deus", Howard Mark's newest memo,' Amazon essay, Spacex's first private pass

Circle of Competence Issue #30

Tariffs, trade wars, psychology of asset bubbles, the cannabis bubble, air taxis, sports betting, e-sports, satellites, podcasts, startups,

The Cryptocurrency Debate

Last week I read an excellent investor letter written by Mark Yusko of Chapel Hill NC firm Morgan Creek Capital on how the current cryptocurrency investment opportunity could be likened to the gold rush of 1849 in California. Today, I wanted to explore some of my own thoughts around Cryptos. To start, let's get some facts out in the open. Satoshi Nakamoto released his Bitcoin paper in 2008, and since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, it has increased in price from $.10 to a current price (as of 9/15/18) per BTC of $6,523.99. This represents a remarkable ~240% annualized return over the past 9 years. This includes, by the way, a 60+% decline from the 2017 high of ~$19,000. It was originally in

Circle of Competence Issue #29

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain deep dive, Ray Dalio & Warren Buffett on 2008 crisis, self driving car effects, startup fundings, podcas

Circle of Competence Issue #28

Cryptocurrencies, Buffett's CNBC interview, Brent Beshore's unique private equity fund, more e-sports, startups, podcasts, and more.

Circle of Competence Issue #27

Buffett's India investment, shareholder activism, Mohnish Pabrai interview, Argentina currency crisis, Tesla isn't going private, st


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